Troubleshooting: Type 2 Waves

Troubleshooting: Type 2 Waves

Let’s talk about waves. The Hair Typing System originally created by stylist Andre Walker, categorizes hair into four types, each with its own subcategories. Today we’re trouble-shooting Type 2, otherwise known as wavy hair. Whether you’re sporting slightly tousled tresses or a full-blown beachy texture, read on for the best tips on riding your waves to gorgeous hair! 

Hair Type 2A

If your hair has even the faintest whisper of a wave, you are likely a Type 2A. This type is just a hop, skip and a jump away from straight hair, and features the loosest curl pattern in the Type 2 category. 2A waves fall in a soft S-shape that starts out flat at the root and gains a bit more volume along the length. Think Rashida Jones.

Shiny and easy to style, Type 2A is the queen of versatility! You can straighten your hair, leave it as-is or enhance your natural wave without much effort. But there are also a few bumps in the road for this group– 2A hair is often thin and fine, and can have issues with definition and volume.

Issue: Your waves are wishy-washy

Solution:  Detangle & Define

Type 2A waves are so slight, it’s easy to mistake for straight strands (Type 1A), but with the right product and technique, you can coax those subtle waves out of hiding. Skip heavy gels and mousses that can weigh your hair down, making it appear limp and listless. Instead, reach for lightweight, hydrating products like our Chébé Hair Milk to gently detangle and enhance your natural texture.

Issue: Your waves fall flat

Solution: Pump up the volume with proper cleansing

Over-shampooing can cause your scalp to go into hyperdrive for oil production which can weigh your hair down, causing it to appear flat or greasy. Definitely not ideal! Washing every other day with Chébé Hydrating Shampoo will help both remove and prevent product and oil buildup on your scalp, while also providing a burst of lightweight hydration.

Hair Type 2B

Do people always compliment you on your perfect beachy waves? You just might have Type 2B hair. This texture features a defined S-pattern wave, with enviable natural volume and more body than 2A wavies. Think Salma Hayek.

With the quintessential beach wave, Type 2B is a happy middle ground between straight and curly hair. Free-flowing, with body for days, your glamorous waves really pack a punch! But with all that natural texture, Type 2B can be tricky to straighten and can struggle with frizz.

Issue: A bad case of the frizzies 

Solution: Regain control

As curl patterns become more defined, the natural oils from your scalp have a harder time working their way through the length of your hair, resulting in flyaways. Reach for a lightweight styler like Chébé Curls Gelée that provides a gentle hold without the weight, so your natural wave pattern can pop! Section damp or dry hair and work the Gelée from roots to ends to define the wave and quickly get those frizzy flyaways under control. Plus, frizz along the hairline is a nonstarter when the Gelée is used for edge styling.

Hair Type 2C

Have a hard time deciding whether your locks are wavy or curly? You probably have Type 2C hair. Bridging the gap between waves and curls, Type 2C has the most defined wavy pattern without heading into ringlet territory. This texture features a well-defined S-bend that starts right at the root. Think Lorde.

Because your waves pop from root to tip, volume and definition are your calling cards! But the closer you get to curls like your neighbors in Type 3, your chances of struggling with dehydration and frizz skyrocket.  

Issue: Thirsty strands

Solution: Soak up some lightweight hydration

Type 2C wavies can struggle with the same issues as the curlies in Type 3 - parched, dehydrated tresses. But even though you’re knocking on curly hair’s door, Type 2C waves are often a finer texture than curls, and can’t handle heavy hydrating products. Pack in the moisture with the lightweight, but nourishing Chébé + HA Conditioner. This texture can also benefit from a few spritzes of Chébé Hair Milk between wash days as a daily refresher to keep your thirsty 2C waves plump and hydrated.

The right products can work wonders on your waves! How do you style your Type 2 hair? Show us on Instagram by tagging #chebecircle.

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