Trouble Shooting: Type 3 Curls

Trouble Shooting: Type 3 Curls

Let’s talk about curls! The hair typing system originally created by stylist Andre Walker, categorizes hair into four types, each with its own subcategories. Today we’re going to hone in on trouble-shooting Type 3, otherwise known as curly hair. Whether you’ve got loose, beachy ringlets or tight corkscrews, read on for an in-depth dive on how to navigate all the twists and turns of curly locks!


Hair Type 3A 

If you’re rocking a head full of big, shiny curls, you just might have Type 3A hair! These types of curls are around the thickness of sidewalk chalk (about one inch) and feature a loose S-shaped pattern from root to tip. Think Julia Garner. 

3A curlies have soft, smooth curls that are super versatile and easy to style. These manageable curls can be pulled into a sleek updo or left to their own curly devices with the help of a lightweight styler. But it’s not all smooth sailing! Just like other Type 3 curlies, those with 3A hair can struggle with dryness and frizz. 

Issue: Your curls feel drier than the Sahara

Solution: Shampoo less often

Over-washing can strip your hair of precious moisture, leaving you with parched, lackluster locks. Reducing the frequency of your wash cycle from daily, to every few days, allows the natural oils from your scalp to accumulate and work their magic. When you do suds up, reach for our Chébé Hydrating Shampoo to really pump up the moisture. Type 3A curls also respond well to an occasional deep-conditioning treatment - try working a deep conditioner like our Chébiotic Hair Mask into your routine every 2 weeks, and watch your curls thrive.

Hair Type 3B      

Do you have a crown of bouncy ringlets? You could have Type 3B hair! Curls in this category are generally the thickness of a Sharpie marker or an index finger, and feature well-defined spirals. Think Shakira and Zendaya.

People with Type 3B curls enjoy tons of enviable volume and a well-defined curl pattern. No matter how you style it, those curls will always pop! However, Type 3B hair tends to be a little coarser and drier than 3A, and can struggle with shrinkage and that much dreaded frizz.

Issue: Shrinkage

Solution: Stretch it out

It’s totally normal (and cute) for curls to look much longer when wet, and then shrink up after they dry. But if that’s not the vibe you’re going for, you have options. Work a hydrating styler with light hold like Chébé Curls Gelée into your hair, section-by-section,  and rock a protective style like braids, twists or bantu knots to stretch the hair and show off your length.

Issue: The frizz factor

Solution: Stay hydrated 

Type 3B ringlets can be extra thirsty, so combat frizz by incorporating moisturizing products at every stage of your wash routine to keep things extra hydrated. Use a moisture-rich styler like Chébé Curls Gelée to smooth flyaways while providing excellent curl defintion. To maintain frizz-free follicles between wash days, use a daily hydrator like Chébé Hair Milk, and try not to fuss with your hair too much. Use silk scrunchies to put hair up in a puff between wash days, and sleep in a bonnet or silk scarf to combat frizz at bedtime.

Type 3C

If you have a head full of tight, springy corkscrew curls, you could have Type 3C hair! This type of curl is often about the thickness of a pencil, and features densely packed curls that spring back when stretched. Think Yara Shahidi.

Of the Type 3 category, 3C curlies have the tightest, most voluminous curl pattern and can rock a wash-and-go like no other! It’s just a hop, skip and a jump to Type 4, so while 3C babes boast enviable curl definition, they also have to deal with dryness that can lead to breakage.

Issue: Dryness & Breakage

Solution: Hydration, babe! 

Type 3C hair needs tons of moisture to help keep those corkscrews happy and full of life. Simply spritzing with water and working Chébé Hair Milk through from root to tip can be a game-changer when refreshing next-day curls. Since it’s the tightest curl type, right next to the coils of Type 4, 3C curls can also benefit from the LOC/LCO method of styling. Seal in all that precious moisture with a luxurious hydrating oil like our Oil Of Chébé.

With a little TLC and a healthy dose of hydration, you’ll have the juiciest curls on the block! Show us how you care for your Type 3 tresses by tagging #chebecircle on Instagram.

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