Terms of Sales


Terms and Conditions of Salwa Petersen GmbH concerning online sales and electronic business transactions conducted via www.salwapetersen.com for purchases by private customers.

As of October 1st, 2020

Article 1 – Scope

Ordering products and purchasing Salwa Petersen vouchers on salwapetersen.com is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Salwa Petersen GmbH, Hafenweg 22, 48155 Münster, Germany, e-mail: contact@salwapetersen.com, as amended at the time the order is placed – unless this would negate consumer protection applicable if your country of residence in Europe is above and beyond the scope of these Terms and Conditions.

Any provisions deviating from these Terms and Conditions only apply if they are confirmed in writing by us.

Article 2 – Contract Conclusion

(1) The information we provide on products and prices within any ordering process is non-binding. By clicking on the “Buy now” button, you place a binding purchase offer that must be accepted by us. The purchase agreement concerning the ordered products only takes effect once we accept your order. We are not obliged to accept your purchase offer.

(2) We accept your order by confirming the shipping of the products or the Salwa Petersen voucher by email.

(3) You may not disclose the password required to place an order to third parties. If you do disclose your password, you are liable for orders placed by third parties. You are liable for the payments required for any orders placed using your password.

Article 3 – Terms of revocation

(1) Right of revocation

You have the right to revoke this contract without reason within a period of thirty days. The revocation period applies for thirty days following the day on which you or a third party nominated by you – but not the transport courier – took ownership of the products, if you ordered one or several products in one order and the product or products are delivered in one delivery; if you ordered several products in one order and the products were delivered separately.

If more than one of the situations described above exists, the revocation period only begins when you or a third party nominated by you – but not the transport courier – takes ownership of the final product, the final part delivery or the final item.

In order to exercise your right of revocation, you must make a clear declaration regarding your decision (preferably by email) by contacting the following:

Salwa Petersen GmbH, Hafenweg 22, 48155 Münster, Germany


The proof of shipment is the sender’s responsibility.

In order to revoke this contract, the declaration must not necessarily have been received by us within the revocation period but must have been sent before the end of the revocation period.

(2) Consequences of revocation

If you revoke this contract, we must reimburse you for all payments we have received from you, excluding delivery costs immediately within thirty days from the date on which your declaration concerning the revocation of this contract was received by us. For the purposes of this reimbursement, we shall use the same method of payment you used in the original transaction, unless otherwise explicitly agreed with you. You will not be charged for any reimbursement.

We are entitled to reimburse you only once we have received the products in question or until you have submitted evidence that you have returned the products, whichever is the earlier.

You must return the products to us within fourteen days of submitting your declaration concerning the revocation of this contract. You must have sent the products by post within the fourteen-day period in order to meet the deadline.

(3) Costs and risks of the return

The following applies: you bear the direct costs and risks of returning the products.

You must only bear the costs of the loss of value of the products if this loss of value is due to the products not being handled in an acceptable manner in checking their quality, characteristics or functions.

(4) Sample revocation form

If you would like to revoke this contract, please copy and paste the form below and return it to us preferably by email.

  • Address to: Salwa Petersen GmbH, Hafenweg 22, 48155 Münster, Germany contact@salwapetersen.com
  • I/we hereby revoke the contract I/we concluded concerning the purchase of the following products (*) / the performance of the following service (*)

-Ordered on (*)/received on (*)

-Name of the customer(s)

-Address of the customer(s)

  • Signatures of the customer(s) (only in the case of written declarations)
  • Date

_______________ (*) Delete as applicable

(5) Obligation to reimburse

The obligation to reimburse a payment must be met within 30 days. The period begins once we have received the returned products.


Article 4 – Delivery

(1) Our deliveries worldwide are sent from our delivery warehouse to the address you specify. Deliveries to PO boxes are not permitted.

We currently ship to the majority of countries of the world where DHL Express International and DHL Paket deliver.

(2) All orders, regardless of destination will be delivered free of charge from a certain amount, for example 100 EUR in Metropolitan France and 100 USD in the the US. For any order amount lower than those amount, we charge an amount that corresponds to your destination. By “order amount” we mean the total amount that you are due to pay for the ordered goods.

(3) Depending on your final destination, delivery times are between 1 and 10 working days.

(4) Public holidays and other holidays have an effect on your delivery and may postpone your delivery by up to five working days following the public holiday depending on your country of residence.

(5) We reserve the right to make part deliveries to a reasonable extent in consideration of your interests and ours. We bear all additional costs resulting from part deliveries. We also bear the risk associated with part deliveries. The risk associated with the delivered products is transferred to you upon receipt of the part delivery. If we fall into arrears on outstanding part deliveries or we are unable to complete outstanding part deliveries, you are entitled to withdrawal from the entire contract or claim compensation due to non-fulfilment of the contractual obligation if the part delivery is not of interest to you.

(6) Depending on your country of delivery, your order may be subject to tax and customs charges.


Article 5 – Method of payment, discounts, due date, arrears and right of retention

(1) You can pay for orders using the following method of payment: Credit Card (Stripe).

(2) Discounts or discount codes (e.g. a voucher with a discount code, a newsletter bonus or a birthday voucher) can only be redeemed at the respective terms and conditions of the promotion. Multiple discounts and discount codes cannot be combined in one order.

(3) The utility and the risks are transferred to the customer when the goods are handed over to the carrier. If the customer is late in receiving the goods, the risk of loss or accidental damage to the goods is transferred to the customer when the goods are ready for delivery to the carrier.

(4) The delivered goods remain our property until full payment. In the event of behavior contrary to the contract on your part, in particular in the event of late payment, we are entitled, after setting an appropriate time limit, to take back the object of the delivery; you are required to return it.


Article 6 – Limitation of Liability

The Salwa Petersen GmbH is liable for:

(1) All injuries that the corporation, any of its legal representatives or any person whom it uses to perform its obligations intentionally or negligently causes to life, body or health;

(2) Any damages that the corporation, any of its legal representatives or any person whom it uses to perform its obligations causes either intentionally or through a grossly negligent breach of duty;

(3) Any damages under the Produkthaftungsgesetz;

(4) Any breach of essential contractual duties.

The liability of the Salwa Petersen GmbH for any other damages not mentioned above is excluded. The liability for a breach of essential contractual duties is limited to any damages that are foreseeable and typical for this type of contract except if any of the cases mentioned in No. 1-3 is concerned.


Article 7 – Alternative dispute resolution 

We will make every effort to find an amicable solution to any differences of opinion under our agreement. However, we are not obliged to take part in arbitration proceedings.


Article 8 – Miscellaneous

(1) We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. The latest version of these Terms and Conditions is available at salwapetersen.com where they can be printed.

(2) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to all contracts between us and our customers regardless of their country of residence.

(3) Any disputes arising between us and our customers, arising out of any Agreement to which these Terms and Conditions apply or any term or condition thereof or the performance by either Party of its obligations thereunder, that the Parties fail to settle amicably within a reasonable period of time shall be exclusively submitted to the competent court in the district of the Landgericht Münster.

(4) If any of the provisions in these Terms & Conditions is prohibited or unenforceable in any competent jurisdiction, then this provision shall be ineffective to the extent of the prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions of these Terms & Conditions.