Salwa Petersen

Le Peigne - Comb - Hair and Scalp - Vegan - Handmade in Germany


With its ergonomically designed grip, our comb has been created above all to care for and protect your hair and scalp. It is handcrafted with cellulose acetate, a plant-based material.

Handmade in Germany following a ritual of 16 steps, our artisans patiently saw, polish and hone the comb to perfection. Its entire surface is super smooth. As a result, it slides very easily through your hair, preventing breakage and the creation of split ends. It ensures maximum protection of your hair and even the most sensitive scalps.


On the hair: separate your hair into four sections to detangle them. Start at the tip and gradually work toward the scalp to gently remove knots and avoid breakage. If you have large knots, use your fingers to detangle first, helping yourself with a little water and our Chébé du Tchad™ Hair Cream.

On the scalp: the smart design of the comb's polished round tips helps relieve stress and stimulate the scalp. Inspired by ancestral techniques of massage and scalp scrapping  in Chad, the back and forth movement relaxes the skin of the scalp. This stimulation promotes blood circulation, which in turn helps to release oxygen and essential nutrients to the follicles, thus releasing energy flow and blockages, and stimulating your roots for stronger, more resilient hair. 

Treat yourself with the best.

Inspired by Chad. Handmade in Germany. 

2% of sales are donated to African Parks Network to support conservation projects in Chad. 


100% cellulose acetate. Ethically produced. Handmade in Germany.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Helene LOURI
Waouh !

Such an amazing comb! Less hair in this comb than in any other comb I have ever used.
Ce peigne fait des miracles, démêlage sans difficulté jusqu'à la racine et très peu de cheveux dans le peigne. J'ai les cheveux afro.

Inel Vicari

Superbe acquisition, je suis satisfaite de mon achat


Whaouuu c’est un peigne qui vaut le détour ! C’est la première fois que j’utilise un peigne qui ne casse pas les cheveux. Il est hyper ergonomique, ni trop petit, ni trop grand donc très maniable 😍
C’est l’outil que j’utilise désormais !

Merci énormément pour ce produit.
Cerise sur le gâteau, la vendeuse est extra. Je me sens respecté par la qualité du produit ☺️


Très beau peigne

Très beau peigne un vrai chef œuvre.
Je l’aime beaucoup.

Merci beaucoup Mariam! x Salwa

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