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Overnight Porridge with Apple Raspberries Compote

Overnight Porridge with Apple Raspberries Compote

Hello!  I love a delicious bowl of overnight porridge. It is very time saving in the morning. It is also incredibly filing for those speedy, busy days when I don’t have time for a proper lunch. My favorite way of having my porridge is with (preferably warm) homemade apple raspberries compote and other delicious toppings.

Ingredients for 1 bowl

For the porridge

50g Oats

200ml Almond milk

For the compote

1 apple

1 handful of rasperries (fresh or frozen)

1 table spoon of almond butter


Maple syrup

Coconut, roasted almonds etc. (Really any topping you fancy and happen to have in your pantry)


The night before, throw in a bowl the oats and almond milk. In the morning, chop the apple, and put in a pot together with the raspberries. Cook for about 5 minutes and top it of the porridge with some maple syrup, grilled almond, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds and anything else that you love! You can also make the compote in advance and save it up to 3 days in your fridge. Voilà, enjoy!

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