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7 Tips for Finding your Own Style

7 Tips for Finding your Own Style

"Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live." Gianni Versace

Hello and welcome to this very exciting post on some tips to finds you own signature style. We are all extremely unique, so we must each have our very own style. Today's picture is from the fabulous team of Glam in Paris, Daniela Petrel and Cécile Hasroyan that I highly recommend! 

I am a strong believer that we are all beautiful and that regardless of our skin color, hair type, body shape, color that suit us most, we can and should have our own signature style. So today, we will look at why you would want to have your own style, how you actually already have one, and the key steps to (re)discovering your style.

Why Would You Want to Have your Own Style?

Having your own style is a way to define yourself and the image you would like to project to the world. Raise your hand if you did not at least once felt embarrassed by bumping into an ex or a colleague, with grey skin, tired eyes and wearing those sweatpants that you know you should have gotten rid of years ago but that are soooooo incredibly comfy!

I also would like to insist that style is not just about other people. It is just like skincare and makeup, or any beauty ritual, very much linked to making you feel good and happy.

Everyone Has Style

The truth is that everyone of us already has a style. But it may or may not be always a conscious choice.  In other words, the clothes you wear and the way you do it send a lot of information to people around you- but not always the message you are trying to send. It also gives you information: do I need to be comfortable? Am I trying to impress someone? Do I tend to wear clothes that are ill-fitting: too big, too small, too short…? Am I afraid to be noticed? Stand in front of your mirror; take an honest look at your reflection. Now, put next the image of your reflection next to the one you have of yourself and the one you want to project. See?

The fact your clothes reflect – at least, a part of yourself by definition implies that everyone and each one of us will have a unique style. Everyone does not also view clothing items the same way. While one person considers that sweatpants make them look sporty, another person may find the same sweatpants sloppy.   

There are as many styles as people.

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn” Orson Welles

Key Steps for finding your style

1/ Start with a Blank Page

First free yourself from everything you think you know about yourself, in other words forget for a moment about everything you have in your wardrobe. Make a list of of what is important for your regarding your clothes: clothes that are not too expensive, clothes that should last a lifetime, clothes without any animal byproducts etc.

2/ Look for Inspiration

Put your list aside on a table and go look in the internet for looks inspiration. Google Images and Pinterest are both good places to get started. To get you started,  follow me on Pinterest HERE where I have a several fashion related board including one with my style (Parisian, effortless, classic with a twist and an African twist), Africa-Inspired fashion, head covers etc. You could also get yourself a bunch of fashion magazines and collect a maximum of style looks, but only keep those that you love.

Next, order those images in several groups from those you like the most to those you like the least. Imagine yourself wearing those clothes, or similar ones. Get rid of those you don’t like. Edit, edit, edit until you are left with things you love without reserves. You will have your own mood board with only things that you absolutely love!

3/ Find Your Common Trend

Is there any pattern that you find ? Is there a look that keeps coming over and over again: rock, sixties etc. A specific color? A certain item? An attitude (preppy, sophisticated, classic, provocative etc).  Those need not to be so obvious as taste is by definition very personal and complex. But there is somewhere out there a common thread and you have to figure it out

Now that you know the kind of style you are after, compare what you currently own with what you want to wear. To make a list of what you would like to get, start by imitating your favorite styles. Little by little, you will have the eyes to recognize the clothes that suit your style.

But that does not mean that when you go shopping, you do not use common sense : if you like something, but the cut and/or color does not make you look good, do not get it. Also, if whatever you find is not aligned with what is important for you (too expensive, not vegan etc), you should not get it. You can of course check when you try it on whether the issue cannot be easily fixed, for example by belting a dress. Otherwise, save your money.

 “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” Edna Woolman Chase

4/ Dress for Yourself

It is impossible to please everyone with the way you dress, so simply dress to please yourself and make yourself happy. Some days, even though I am not doing any yoga, I just feel like relaxing in my super comfy Yoga Pant and so I do. Obviously, I would not wear this pant and/or my battered converses when I have an important meeting or to a wedding reception.

5/ Own Your Look

There is no such a thing as having the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ look. After all, everyone’s taste is different. The trick here is to own your look whatever you go for, and wear it. Just be yourself!

6/ Forget About Fashion... For A Moment

Rather, create your very own looks and as a results your signature style. Fashion comes and goes, at least 4 times a year in fact. What was in today will be so yesterday tomorrow. Remember- Clothes are at your service, and should not own you.

The same as with colors and clothes shapes start with yourself and not the outfit. Your clothes are there to serve you, look and feel your best. They should make you shine and not the other way.

7/ Be Elegant

Elegance is a lot more than clothing. It is also your attitude, your allure… The way you speak, you walk, you seat, express yourself, move and most importantly, how you treat people, both women and men, old and young, rich and poor… It is so much more a way of approaching the world than the clothes you wear. It is really about being a kind person, to yourself, to other beings and everything else around you.

To be truly elegant, you must know yourself. Tools such as coloring, body type and facial features and having a checklist of must-have definitely help.  Never try to please anyone else than yourself. An elegant person knows herself enough to wear what makes her look and feel the best. 

You know you found your style the day you will open your dressing room and you won’t say anymore : “I have nothing to wear !”. It is when getting dressed becomes a pleasure, and you feel good about it.

Style is a skill that you learn throughout your life. It does not mean you will be looking for your style forever. You should be trying different things and exploring the road to finding your style. Everyone's changes and evolves all the time. It is totally OK to change your style. Just like a haircut or color, you can grow out your style, and let it be in tune with you. And do not forget to always, always have fun !



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