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5 Tips to Pack the Perfect Suitcase for Any Trip

5 Tips to Pack the Perfect Suitcase for Any Trip

Hello! I am a modern-day nomad and have been traveling literally my whole life. I still travel almost every week for work or personal reasons. I then had to learn and hone over the last few years the art of traveling and packing lightly. It did not come overnight. When I was younger, I used to be that girl who had that suitcase full of those way many clothes and shoes for a week, who would check in even when traveling just for the weekend. I am now that grown up woman who would have her handbag and a tiny suitcase (or backpack) that never get checked in and where she would have everything she needs for up to two weeks. A former boss of mine with whom I have travelled a few times once called my suitcase, the rolling vanity case!

I actually love packing, as it is the promise of a journey, and a new travel. We tend to pack too much. So, before you actually start packing, take a moment make the list (mentally or otherwise) of the number of days you are staying and for each day decide for an outfit. If you checking in luggage, do not forget to take in your carry-on a fresh set of change clothes that you may use inflight if needed and in case your luggage get lost.

If you think about it for a minute, they are only two things we actually need to travel: passport and money.

1/ Check the weather

You don’t want to be dressed too warm or too light for the weather. Check before hand and pack accordingly.

2/ Decide what to pack based on the kind of trip you are taking

This will determine the type of outfits you need: casual, formal... Picture the looks, and pack accordingly.

3/ Pack Your Travel Documents and Electronics

Start with the essentials by packing your passport/ID, credit cards, agenda, phone, airlines tickets/boarding passes, hotel reservations, directions (if you are printing them- I personally do everything on my phone), books, crafts if you are taking any. Do not forget to pack electricity adapters if your destinations require so.

4/Toiletries, Clothes- Do a list of everything you will be packing day by day, edit and pack it

Remember if you are flying and not checking in, your toiletries should be no more than 100 ml containers, regardless of how much product is actually in there, and they should all fit in one quart-sized resalable bag.

Then move, day by day for the clothes you need to take. Do not forget the clothes that you will be wearing to travel to and from destination. They should be comfortable without looking sloppy and easy to layer as planes and trains tend to be notoriously freezing, even in the middle of summer.

Do not forget to take a pouch with enough clean underwear and socks; and a set of pyjama. I also like to pack a pouch for my dirty clothes. 

If you are checking in, make sure to weigh your bag at home to ensure that you are over the airline weight limit.

5/ Do not forget to pack accessories and gifts if applicable

I love accessories, as they help beautifully finish any outfit. I usually take with me my watch, and a favorite jewelries (such as my engagement ring or some bangles), a belt, a pouch for dirty clothes, a set of pyjama, a cabin luggage suitable toiletries bag with my essentials, my medications and my minimalist makeup pouch. Depending on where you are going, think also of packing an umbrella and/or a raincoat, a quick dry towel, as well as a pair flip-flops that are always handy.

In my handbag, I make sure that I have my wallet on chain that also serve as a clutch. It also beautifully carries my passport, ID, credits card and other necessities.  

Hope those tips helps! 

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