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Very Christmassy Hot Chocolate

Very Christmassy Hot Chocolate

Hello! When I was a little girl, it is an understatement to say that I was totally obsessed with chocolate in its all forms. Living as a kid in Switzerland aka Chocolate heaven was a dream. But even after we moved to Benin, I never stopped loving Chocolate. In fact, I still love chocolate, more than ever.

One of my very favorite way of enjoying it is in a warm hot chocolate. As I am transitioning into eating less animal products, I find it hard to find good dairy free vegan chocolate. The good thing is that 100% chocolate (if really 100%) is vegan by default! And it is so easy to make your own dairy-free vegetable milk, that there is no excuse not to indulge in the most Christmassy hot chocolate ever. It also happened to be processed-sugar free!

Ingredients for One Mug

200ml hazelnut milk

50g of dark chocolate at 100%, broken in small pieces

2 table spoon maple syrup

2 tea spoon unsweetened cacao powder

1 tea spoon fresh ground ginger

1 tea spoon ground cinnamon

¼ tea spoon ground cloves

¼ spoon ground nutmeg

¼ tea spoon of allspice


 In a pot bring to boil on low heat the maple syrup with the spices. Add the hazelnut milk and simmer. Then add the chocolate and the cacao powder. It is ready when the chocolate have all melted! Have it right away, it is just so good.

If you are a fellow chocolate addict and want extra chocolate indulgence, try it with my brownie. Otherwise, it is the perfect match with my yummy chesnut cookies, gingerbread cookies and almond whoopies. Enjoy!

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