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Sunny Chickpeas, Olive and Sun-dried Tomatoes Pie

Sunny Chickpeas, Olive and Sun-dried Tomatoes Pie

This recipe of my savoury gluten-free, vegan pie is to die for.  I have been obsessed with it lately and keep making it over and over with different vegetables. My absolute favorite version is the one with sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. Its main ingredient is chickpeas flour, that is packed with so much goodness! My friend Myriam says it tastes like pizza, but of course a million times better! It is also healthier than any traditional pizza.


165 g of chickpeas flour

275g filtered water

1 or 2 middle sized spring onion finely chopped (including the green part)

3 glove garlic finely chopped

15 black olives pitted, including 10 finely chopped

2 spoons of Olive Oil

2 or three sundried tomatoes finely chopped

Salt, pepper and chilli (optional) to taste


Pre-heat the oven at 200°C.

In a bowl mix the chickpea flour, water, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Mix all the finely chopped vegetables together. If your pie pan is not silicone, grease it with a bit of olive of oil and add the vegetables mix. Pour on top of it the flour mix and decorate with the remaining 5 (or more!) olives.

Put in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes depending on your oven. It is so good served on its own or with some fresh aromatic herbs (I use my homegrown Rosemary, basil) and juicy tomatoes, just like in the picture. It is also really nice with a warm bowl of vegetable soup. Enjoy!

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