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Vegan Gluten-Free Fresh Berries Tart

Vegan Gluten-Free Fresh Berries Tart

Hello! Today's recipe is a result of a personal challenge I set up myself. I absolutely love berries and berries tart. However, the classic crust is not gluten-free and is done with tons of butter and the custard made with whole milk, eggs and butter is extremely rich. I also wanted something that is as satisfying as the original but much more nutritious.

For the crust, to keep it gluten-free, instead of all-purpose flour, I used a mix of corn flour, oatmeal and buckwheat which are all naturally gluten-free. Olive oil beautifully replaced butter.

For the crème, I simply used cornstarch to thicken it and almond milk to replace milk. I also added some almond butter.

This recipe is not only delicious but full of goodness. For instance, research suggests that buckwheat intake is associated with a higher ratio of health-promoting cholesterol to total cholesterol than average. In addition, buckwheat is a good source of magnesium. Both oatmeal and corn are packed with soluble fiber- they will make you feel fuller longer and as a result may help you control your weight. Corn flour is actually used a lot in Chad and other parts of Africa for its really filling properties. Needless to say, almonds are not only incredibly tasty, they are also really nutritious.

Last but not least, berries are not just bright and cute. They are sometimes regarded as superfood as they are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Any berries (or seasonal fruits) works; I choose the 3 favorites berries (mine are blueberries!) of the 3 of us who will be having it.

Ok, so now that you know how good this is all for us, let’s move on making it! 

Ingredients for 6 people

For the cream

45g of cornstarch (or cream of rice)

15 g of sugar (dates or whole sugar cane)

600 g of almond milk

100g of almond butter

Vanilla extract


For the Crust

120g of corn flour (not to be confused with cornstarch)

90g of oatmeal

90 g of buckwheat

50 g sugar

30g almond, crushed finely (optional)

60g of any vegetable oil (I used olive)

150g of water

Fresh Fruits: around 300g of any seasonal fruits that you like- I choose strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.


Pre-heat your oven at 180°C

First, start with the crème. In a small pot, mix the cornstarch with almond milk and sugar. Cook for few minutes, till it becomes homogeneous. Take it out of the heat and add the almond paste. Mix and put aside.

Now let’s get into the crust. In a bowl, mix all dry ingredients. Add oil and water. Mix it all using your hands. Divide it by 6.

If your molds are not silicone, make sure to add some oil and/or flour to them prior to working the mix into the individual mold. As it has no baking soda in it, the mix is quite dense. Make sure that you cover the edge of your mold.

Put the tarts in the oven for 15 min or till the crust becomes golden. Add the crème and put it back to the oven for 5 additional minutes.

Let the tarts cool down outside. Take them out of the mold and put them in the refrigerator for about an hour till they are cold.

When ready to serve, add your fruits and enjoy! Those berry tarts are not only amazing desserts, but they else make an excellent healthy breakfast option that will kick start your day. They also make a great snack or even a meal on their own right, as they are incredibly nutritious and filling (only with good stuff!).

So did you try my berries tart? How do you like it? What is your favorite dessert?

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