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Chéwé/Chebé/Shebe Hair Mixture Recipe- Chad Women's Long Natural Hair Secret (Bilingue Français-Anglais)

Chewe- Chebe- Chebé- Shebe Hair Mixture Powder The secret of women of Chad for long, natural hair. I share with you an ancient, time-tested recipe for long and healthy hair with a giveaway of the final product. Natural, vegan gluten free planted based recipe for beautiful hair that thrives.

Recette du secret des cheveux long crépus des tchadiennes. Concours pour gagner le produit final.

Chebe/Chewe Hair Powder from Chad, Central Africa. Shebe for Natural Hair Growth, secret of women of Chad. 

African tribal hair beauty secrets. Chebe/ Chewe /Shebe Powder from Chad, African Natural Hair Products Growth. There is no real natural known alternative plant based solutions of Chebe/Chewe/Shebe powder for natural hair growth.