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Super Nutritious Müsli

Super Nutritious Müsli

Hello, I wrote previously about the importance of good nutrition and of breakfast on a daily basis. I have different things for breakfast including smoothies, chia seeds, but my go-to meal is my homemade müsli. It will supercharge you with loads of nutrients. I usually have it with soy yoghurt, nuts and whichever fruits is in season (and/or homemade apple sauce). It is also delicious soaked in almond milk!

I also keep my recipe really simple, using only 4 ingredients. It is really tasty and at the same time incredibly nutritious. It is free of added sugar, gluten and processed foods. I also love that it is  quick and cheap to make. It is so very much better than the indigestible, chewy, sugary and overpriced version of the pre-packed müsli.

The main ingredients are rolled oats, packed with fibers, both soluble and soluble and antioxydants, making up 70 % of the total muesli. Coconut, almond and sunflower seeds each weight 10% of the recipe and provide good fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Make sure when you pick up your ingredients that they are organic, as unrefined as possible with no added sugar, salt, fat, preservatives etc.


1Kg rolled oats

100g raw coconut shavings

100g flaked almonds

100g sunflower seeds with shells


Preheat the oven at 100 °C.

In a wok, put the oats till they warm up and become crispy (this should take about 5 minutes). Don't leave them or too long: you should still be able to touch the oats without getting burnt. Transfer in a pot or if you have the space in a flat surface to let the oats cool down.

In a baking pan, put the coconut shavings and the flaked almonds in the oven for 5 minutes or until they are lightly roasted. The roasting brings out the nutty taste of both the almonds and coconuts. In the meantime, roast in the wok the sunflower seeds for 5 minutes till they warm up. 

Transfer the sunflower seeds, the coconut shavings and almond flakes to the same flat surface as the oats to cool down for 10/15 minutes.

Store your müsli mix in an airtight container.  Theoritically, you can keep your müsli for several months, but I will advise not to keep it longer than a month at a time, as the grains as well as the nuts will lose overtime part of their nutritive powers, and may become rancid. Usually, we use up a batch like this one in about 3 weeks.

After all, müsli is simple enough to make. Enjoy!

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