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Scrumptious Cherry Tomatoes Tofu Salad

Scrumptious Cherry Tomatoes Tofu Salad

One of my favorite summer salad is a tomatoes mozzarella salad. It is summer, and I got those incredibly delicious cherry tomatoes. I had to come up with a dairy-free version of my tomatoes mozzarella salad!

It is a really easy, quick and packed with so much goodness recipe. You only need 2 ingredients for the salad and 4 for the dressing.


350 g of firm tofu, drained and chopped

250 g of cherry tomatoes, washed and cut in half

For the dressing:

1 table spoon olive oil

1 table spoon modena balsamic vinegar (or the juice of a lemon)

Salt and pepper to taste

A bunch of basil to decorate (and eat!)


In a bowl, put the tofu and the cherries tomatoes. In a second bowl mix all the dressing ingredients and pour it in the tofu and tomatoes mix. Mix well and add the basil. See it is that easy. Enjoy!



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