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Delicious Raw Almond Milk

Delicious Raw Almond Milk

Hello! So, I posted last week a picture of my homemade almond milk on instagram and it got a lots of interests. I got so many questions about on how I make it, that I decided to share everything about making my own nuts and seeds milk here.

Almond milk is very easy to make and incredibly delicious. It is so good that once you taste your very own homemade nut milk, you would not want to go back to the watery, often full of preservatives, artificial sweeteners and coloring from the store. It does not only taste way better, but thanks to the raw quality, all the important vitamins and enzymes remain intact.

This is the basic recipe that I use for my overnight or baked oats for breakfast, my homemade granola, bisher müsli and in all my baked recipes such as my brownie, my freshs fruits tarts, almond whoopiesapple cake etc. I use blanched nuts, as the milk comes out white. You can of course use the nuts with the skin, but in this case, because of the skin, your nut milk will not be as white. But on the bright side, you get more nutrients when you keep the skin on.

I would like to share here a quick tip to blanch almonds if you only have them with the skin. In a pot, boil some water and dump the almonds in there. Then wait for the water to boil again with the almonds for a minute. Strain the almonds, boil a pot of water, dump in the almonds, wait for the water to boil again, wait for about a minute, strain the almonds and rinse them with cold water. Pinch the almonds: the skis will slip right off.

I get all my nuts from Kern Energie of Hamburg. They have the best nuts and I cannot recommend them enough. They usually have offer (up to 20% off)- we always wait for the offers to get our nuts.  

This recipe is really easy and adaptable to any nut recipe. The soaking time for the nuts and seeds change (more on that below). All you need is water and the nuts or seeds you are using. To make the milk, you need a powerful blender a nut milk bag or cheese cloth. In case you are wondering, I got my bag on Amazon from German brand Nectarbar and absolutely love it! The directions I am providing here are not only based on my own experience but also very much on the directions from the nectarbar leaflet and website.


1 cup / ~ 150g nuts
3 cups / ~ 750 ml (filtered) water


1. Soak the nuts or seeds in water overnight (8-12 hours). When soaked, most nuts & seeds release enzyme inhibitors, they become more digestible and easier to blend. Please see below for the amount of time needed for different nuts and seeds as provided by Nectarbar. For longer soaking time, it is better to store the nuts or seeds in the fridge and rinse in a strainer before use.

  • Tigernuts/earth almonds 12-24 hours
  • Almonds 8-12 hours
  • Walnuts, peacans, hazelnuts, brazil nuts 2-4 hours
  • Sunflowers, pumkin seeds 4 hours
  • Sesame seeds maximum of 4 hours, otherwise, the milk will be bitter
  • Cashew, macadamia, hemp seeds with shell No soaking necessary

2. Drain, rinse the almonds and throw away the soaking water.

3. Blend almonds with filtered water in a powerful blender on highest speed for about a minute. I use my Vitamix Professional Series 500 to do so.

4. Place your nut milk bag or cheese cloth over a large enough container and slowly pour the mixture into the bag. Gently squeeze the bag to release all the milk. Pour it into a glass bottle and keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.

I personally prefer my nut milk, especially my almond milk plain. But you can of course flavor it. You can blend your almond milk with pitted dates (soaked in advance them to make it easier to blend or use super soft medjool dates), a pinch of salt, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, coconut flakes, vanilla, cacao, spirulina... Basically, you can add whatever you fancy. You can also add frozen fruits (bananas, berries etc) to make a delicious dairy-free shake. Possibilities are really endless!

Do not throw away the left overs. You can make crackers, baked goodies, smoothies, granola etc.

Voilà- enjoy!

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