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Detox Ginger Mint Lemon Tea

Detox Ginger Mint Lemon Tea

Hello! Winter is in full swing and I have been really sick lately, and still feeling a bit under the weather. This tea has help a lot fight my flu & cold- ginger, mint and lemon. It is not only "detox" but it will also help you boost your immune system, digest better and fight headaches. It is also perfect to stay warm and cosy up with loved ones (my favorite part)!


1 L filtered water

A handful of ginger, washed, finely sliced

A bunch of mint, washed

The juice of one organic lemon

The zest of one organic lemon

One lemon, sliced into rings

Maple or other natural sweetner (optional)


Bring the water and ginger to boil. Remove it from heat and add the lemon juice, zest, lemon rings  and mint. If using any natural natural sweetener add it when serving in the individual mugs.

Voilà! It is ready. Enjoy!

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