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5 Easy Exercises Rituals

5 Easy Exercises Rituals

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body". Joseph Addison

Hello and welcome to this post on exercising. I have been very much looking forward to writing this one. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it. I also hope that you find it useful and start including  the different exercises right away in your daily rituals.

It is no news that exercise is essential to a healthy, beautiful  lifestyle. We are made to walk, run, hunt, jump... We are not meant to be sedentary, sitting at desks all day long, the way we lead our modern lives. The good news is that exercise does not have to be complicated. Often, the simplest exercises are those which will get you the best results. Your aim should be to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  

Disclaimer: Before starting any kind of exercise, I will strongly advise that you first see your primary care physician to assess whether you are to fit to exercise. We are also all unique, so what works for one of us, may not work for all of us.


Walking alone is a very beneficial exercise which can help you stay in shape, feel more energetic, and get healthy. Walking is easy to fit into your basic daily activities too, making it one of the easiest solutions for staying in shape.

The easiest way to get more walking in is to park further away from wherever you’re going. For example, park further in the parking lot or a block away from even the furthest reaches of the parking lot.

2/Take The Stairs

The next easiest way to fit in more walking is to make sure that you’re always taking the stairs. Skip the elevator and escalator (or walk up the escalator)  in favor of the stairs whenever you can.

3/Exercise While Commuting

When I do not walk to work, I take the bus (there is a bus that picks me up litterally at my door and drops me steps from my office) or the subway which is faster but requires a little bit more walking. I do not own anymore a car, so even by taking the bus that picks me up so close to home, I walk more than when I had a car.  Having had both a car and taken public transport, I can tell you that not only, you are more fit, but you save a lot of gas money and it is so much greener!

When I lived in Washington DC, I used to bike to work. My bike ride was about 3 kilometers and that is how I got my daily workout fix. You can even consider mixing biking with public transport, for example by taking the bus if you live really far from work or in my case when the weather was really bad. Some work place have a gym onsite with facilities for you to shower and change. Take advantage of those if you have them.

4/ Do More Chores

I actually enjoy household chores, such as scrubing and cleaning my apartment. It is a great opportunity for me to "drink thoughts" (aka meditate). I find it quite relaxing. I love that it actually involves lots of exercise. So whenever I spent my Sunday cleaning my apartment and other chores, and that in the process I skip the gym, I do not feel bad. Some good exercises are making the bed, doing the laundry, scrubbing the bathtub and cleaning the Windows.

5/ Work Out More Efficiently

I have put this series of exercises together with my physiotherapist who is also a personal trainer and have previsouly worked with the French National Sports teams. Those series are perfectly adapted to the simple, healthy lifetyle I am aspiring to. The good news is also that you do not need any kind of material to do them, not even sneakers: your body weight is enough.  They have also been thought to be done anywhere, in your living room, in the park... I have found myself many times in hotel rooms around the world practicing those.

By choosing those exercises, our criteria was efficiency. Indeed, some exercises will be more efficient than others, and choosing these more efficient exercises means that the small amount of time that you do spend exercising will really matter. Try to choose exercises that focus on your core muscles, since your legs and arms can get activity through daily activities like lifting bags and walking a longer distances as seen in tip N°1.

-Lunges. Those are great to warm up your body. 3 series of 10 with 10 seconds rest in between.

-Squats. They work on your core and leg muscles, and you can even add to the total body workout by adding weights so that your arms get work as well.  Make 3 series of 10 with a 10 seconds pause in between.

-Planks. Planks are done by getting into something like a push-up position. However, instead of resting your upper body weight on your hands, rest your weight on your whole forearm instead and hold the position for as long as you can. The tension created between your arms and toes from trying to keep your body straight will be great for maintaining your core, leg, shoulder, neck, and upper arm muscles. Do at least 3 series of 30 seconds each.

-Burpees. Burpees are great because they exercise all areas of your body in just a few motions. This exercise is done by dropping from a standing position into a crouching position, thrusting your legs out backward into a push-up position (you can add an actual push-up if you want to), jumping back into a crouching position, and then jumping up as high as you can (arms up). Do at least 10 in a row.

Always remember to do some gentle movements like stretches and other things to warm up your muscles will be crucial for preventing injury and then to cool down.

Voilà As you can see getting the 30 minutes fitness per day is super easy. You just have to be organized. What do you think about it? What are your own tips on incorporating exercise in your daily life?



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